Devil's Corral

A Seductive Immersion In Nature

Devil’s Corral was named for the natural box canyon approximately 200 feet below the rim and about 200 feet above the Snake River. The floor of the “corral” is about 20 acres of a somewhat level shelf. The name came from its use by rustlers to hold stolen livestock, a use made easier by the two spring-fed ponds in its midst. Now Devil’s Corral is surrounded by a 6,500-acre park on the north and the Snake River on the south.

An Exciting Place to Call Home

Spectacular scenery, proximity to healthy clean environment, exciting outdoor adventures, protection from future development…are just some reasons to consider spending the rest of your life at the edge of the cliffs at Devil’s Corral on the Snake River.

Rustic landscapes make this stretch of the Snake River a beautiful enticing place and draws people from all over the world to marvel at the many sights. It offers sheer canyon walls, impressive water falls (taller than Niagara Falls), vibrant flowing river and wild life. The spectacular sunrises and sunsets, along with the impressive natural surrounding areas which will never be developed draw many people who love the outdoors, solitude, privacy, but if they wanted be within close reach of shopping malls and downtowns.

The more adventurous float the river with its large rapids and views of the many impressive high rock formations. Others climb the cliffs for thrilling rock climbing challenges. There are few places in the world for BASE jumpers to practice their sport. The nearby Perrine Bridge provides a world famous base jumping site which crosses the canyon some 486 feet above the river.

It is not to say you need to participate in high adventure or extreme sports. There are many bike trails, motorized trails, horse trails, hiking and climbing virtually at the front doors of this development. Other popular recreation opportunities include four golf courses within easy access to this project, fishing for Bass, Trout (Sturgeon over 7 feet not unusual), canoeing, hunting, skiing, and all the good wine Idaho has to offer.

The growing residential areas on the south side in Twin Falls and Kimberly have been popular areas for settlement since pioneer days. The north side in contrast has not been developed because is largely government land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), it will always be protected from development.

The other big reason Devil’s Corral is destined to be the diamond of residential development in Magic Valley is that it is surrounded by over 6,500 square acres of the Snake River Canyons Park.

This development takes full advantage of all the reasons people enjoy living in the west. Clean air, clean water, bright starry nights, and many other amenities which are becoming increasingly hard to find in today’s growing world.

Staying Home Could Be Exciting!

Access to Devil’s Corral is from Highway 93 that connects the city of Twin Falls to Hailey and Sun Valley one hour north and to Interstate 84 two miles away. It is approximately 125 miles west to Boise and 225 miles northeast to Salt Lake City. Less than two miles of improved asphalt road and another two miles of improved and unimproved gravel and dirt road lead to the property. Twin Falls airport is served by Delta Airlines and Sun Valley by Alaska, Delta and United Airlines.