Best Investment…

…Gold or Land

A Golden Opportunity…

…Get Both

Best Investment…

…Gold or Land

“You Can Have Both…

Welcome to the Devil’s Corral website.”

A note from,
George Panagiotou, owner of Devil’s Corral.

I enjoyed a very satisfying business career in the lighting industry of Hollywood. I personally have many patents, two Oscar nominations and over the years have made a large impact in the lighting industry but nothing in Southern California 20 years ago could have prepared me for what I was about to discover on Idaho’s great Snake River. I moved to Idaho  because of its beauty and freedom. Devil’s Corral, as you will discover, is truly one of Idaho’s Crown jewels.

I am interested in entertaining serious offers from cash buyouts to creative structured development partnerships. Please enjoy looking through my sight and feel free to contact my agent Barrett Molter at (208) 720-4051 with any questions you may have.



197 Acres of Canyons, Rivers and Streams, surrounded by 8,000 acres of never to be developed protected land on the Snake River.

For more info please
Contact  Barrett Molter
at (208) 720-4051


Sunset at the Snake