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The Plan

On the rim will be a small development with about 10-20 condominiums and about 20 Tiny-Homes for sale or rent to the employees or to local retirees that do not need their large home anymore and favor to spend the winters in Nevada, Arizona, or S. Utah, as many do!

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The new trend in housing is away from the large “McMansion”. Many people are questioning the need to build a large home which is becoming increasingly more expensive to build and is not efficient to heat and cool. Larger homes are also much more expensive to maintain and worst of all are difficult to afford with their high mortgage payments and property tax bills.

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Quality Over Quantity

There are many advantages to invest in quality over quantity of living space by building a smaller home of high quality materials and conveniences. Besides being more affordable they are much more energy efficient and a cinch to maintain. Comfort does not have to be sacrificed with a smaller well designed space.

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Retiring Smart

The tiny house trend is not just for young people or first-time home owners. Many people nearing retirement age are exploring the benefits of living in smaller spaces. Four main reasons retirees move to smaller homes: wanted cash from selling previous home; now have fewer family members in the home; much less time and cost to maintain home; the biggest reason though is reduced monthly costs.